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Frequent Asked Questions

Question: What does UKASA offer me?


UKASA aims to provide an all encompassing format for the ease of transition of purchasing, ownership and sales of Real Imitation Firearms with Third Party Liability Insurance, in compliance with the VCRA 2006.

Question: Who does UKASA apply to?


UKASA may apply to any person seeking a defence to purchase, own and sell airsoft Real Immitation Firearms within the following probable groups.

(Airsoft Players, Re-enactors, Shops, Sites, Trade stands, Private organisations, Acting groups, Security Companies, etc.)

Question: What Benefits does UKASA provide?


Associated Site/Club membership with expiry date

Unique UKASA ID number

Photographic Image

Free to use Secure Database

Easy to carry Identification card

Third Party Liability insurance through the association of Shooters Rights (

Question: What is the minimum age limit for UKASA registration?


There is no age restriction to join UKASA.

Question: As a UKASA member what is the legal minimum age to purchase a Realistic Imitation Firearm?


18 years of Age.

Question: How do I renew after 12 months?


Simply complete a new application form.

Question: What does it cost me?


£35 annual membership

Question: Why should airsoft players have Third Party Liability Insurance?


Club activities involving  shooters / re-enactors / skiers / drivers / riders etc. require Third Party Liability Insurance in general.  

The Government requires any form of re-enactment with Real Imitation Firearms to be insured. 

According to the VCR Act 2006/07. THEIR STATEMENT "The regulations also specify the persons who can claim the defence for historical re-enactment. This is restricted to those organising ie: (Airsoft Sites) or taking part ie: (Players) in re-enactment activities for which third party liability insurance is held." 

Re-enactment, as per the Cambridge Dictionary "an occasion on which people re-enact an event".

Logically if you are dressed as a military combatant using a Realistic Imitation Firearm whilst war gaming you could definitely be classed as a military re-enactor in some form or other by any authority.

The word EXEMPT does NOT APPEAR in relation to airsoft in any Governmental / authoritative statement.


Therefore Third Party Liability Insurance should logically be applied to the airsoft community in relation to  the players.


Insures against a players negligence. ie: what he accidentally does wrong outside the restraints of the site rules.

Question: What does your insurance cover you for?


With a maximum cover value of £10 million per claim, each member will be insured for

Third Party Liability insurance covering costs and damages to a Innocent Party caused by

the members negligence whilst engaged in any active airsoft pursuit.

Question: Who will provide my insurance?


We are insured by Zurich, Allianz and Fusion Insurance through our Association with Shooters Rights.

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